By integrating these ideas and methods into your daily life, you will feel happier, healthier, and more self-confident. You will experience a greater sense of power, purpose, and self-direction. You will be more positive, more focused and more be achieving your goals. You will get along better with the important people in your life. You’ll be more successful in your career and you will feel wonderful about yourself.

Life is like a combination of lock, only with more numbers in the right sequence, the lock will open for you. It’s not a miracle, nor does it depend on luck. It doesn’t even matter who you are as long as you have the right numbers. By the same token, there is a proper number of combination of thoughts and actions that will enable you to accomplish almost anything you really want, and you can find the combination if you search for it.

If you do the right things in the right way, you’ll get the results you desire.

This ‘’secret of success’’ is so simple that it is overlooked by most people. Whatever you want you can have if you want it badly enough, and if you are willing to persist long enough and hard enough in doing what others have done to accomplish a similar thing before you.

Nature is neutral. She is no respecter of persons. She plays no favorites. She gives you back what you put in, no more and no less. And you can determine what you put in.

Why are some people more successful than others?

I am intensely practical.

Your future will become limited only by your imagination!

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Listen & Think!

Make Your Life a Masterpiece

This is the age of achievement. Never have more people accomplished more things in more different fields that they are accomplishing today. More people are becoming successful at a faster rate than at any time in history. There have been more opportunities for you to turn your dreams into realities than there are right now.

This book will show you how to improve your life, achieve your goals and realize your full potential for success and happiness. No matter who you are or what your situation, you have within you, right now, the ability to accomplish more than you ever have before. You have the potential to exceed all your previous levels of accomplishment. You can be, have and do more than perhaps you have imagined. All you need to do is to learn how, and then put what you learn into action.

My Own Story

Why some people are more successful than others?

It’s said that everyone is good for something, even if it’s just to set a bad example. It dawned on me one day that if I ever wanted things to change for me than it was up to me to change. If I didn’t like being unhappy and unpopular, and in trouble all the time, it was up to me to do something about it.

You can’t hit the target you can’t see. You can’t accomplish wonderful things with your life if you have no idea of what they are. You must first become absolutely clear about what you want if you are serious about unlocking the extraordinary power that lies within you.

Successful people know exactly what they want.

You have to decide what ‘’success’’ means to you. You have to decide what your life would look like if you made it into a masterpiece.

Use ‘’Zero Biased Thinking’’. (Correcting past events by keeping today’s experiences)

All great achievements begin with your deciding what it is you really want and then dedicating yourself wholeheartedly to attaining it.

The Seven Ingredients of Success

Peace of Mind

Incorporations, peace of mind can be measured in terms of the amount of harmony that exists among coworkers.

Happiness is your birthright.

Achieving inner peace must be a central organizing principle of your life.

My religious background had drummed into me the idea that my own personal happiness was not a valid consideration for my choices and behaviors.

First, I learned that if I didn’t commit to achieving my own happiness, no one else would. I found that trying to organize my life around making others happy was an unending exercise in frustration and disappointment because it just wasn’t possible.

Second, I discovered that I couldn’t give away what I didn’t have. Abraham Lincoln said; ‘’You can’t help poor by becoming one of them’’. In simplest terms, you experience happiness and peace of mind whenever you are completely free from the destructive emotions of fear, anger, doubt, guilt, resentment, and worry.

The key to happiness then is to systematically eliminate, or at least minimize, the parts of your life that cause you to negativity or stress of any kind.

Imagine! The way to live a happy, productive life is to achieve your own piece of mind by systematically eliminating the negative people, situations, and emotions that make you unhappy.

The major obstacle to eliminating the negativity that interferes with your happiness is your attachment to negative people and situations that cause it.

For the moment though, your job is “mountain top thinking’’.

When you set peace of mind as your goal and plan everything you do in terms of whatever it helps or hinders your attainment of that goal, you’ll probably never make another mistake.

Health and Energy

Your body is constructed in such a way if you just stop doing certain things to it, it often recovers and becomes healthy and energetic all by itself.

Imagine yourself enjoying perfect health. Think of how you would be if you were ideal image of physical fitness. How would you look? How would you feel? How much would you weigh? What sort of foods would you eat and what kind of exercise would you do? What would you be doing more of, and less of?

Start with the thought process to initiate!

Loving Relationships

Most of your happiness and unhappiness in life comes from your relationships with others, and it is your relationships with others that make you truly human.

At almost any time, you can measure how well you are doing in your relationships by one simple test; laughter.

One think that most important part of any business are people. I reality, people are the real business.

What is your ideal relationships? Who would it be with and what would it look like? If you could design your important relationships in every details, what would you want more of, or less of? What could you do, starting today, to create these conditions in your own life?

One of your chief aim in life must therefore be to create a human environment in which you can be happy, contented and fulfilled. You must examine your relationships, one by one, and develop a plan to make each of them enjoyable and satisfying.

Financial Freedom

To be ‘financially free’ means that you have enough money so that you don’t worry about it continually, as most people do.

Most worry, stress, anxiety and lost peace of mind are caused by money worries. Many health problems in relationships are caused by money worries, and one of the main causes for divorces is arguments over money.

One of your main aims in life must be to provide for your own financial independence, without self-delusion, procrastination or trusting to luck.

Imagine that what would your life look like if you achieved all your financial goals? What difference would it make in your day to day activities? What would you be doing more or less of? How much would you like to be earning one year, five years, and ten years from now? What kind of lifestyle would you like to be enjoying? How much would you like to have in the bank? How much would you like to be worth when you retire?

But, if you can be perfectly clear about where you want to go financially, you can learn what you need to know about how to get there. You have to decide it first!

When you decide exactly what you want your financial picture to look like, you will be able to use this system to achieve your goals faster than you might have imagined possible. It all starts with your defining your financial future clearly and then making a plan to realize it. Everything will follow from that.

Worthy Goals and Ideals

Man’s Search for Meaning, is the need for meaning and purpose in life.

Happiness has been defined as ‘the progressive realization of a worthy ideal’. You can only be happy when you are working step by step toward something that is really important to you.

Think about what sort of activities and accomplishments you enjoy the most? What were you doing in the past when you were the happiest? What sort of activities give you your greatest sense of meaning and purpose in life?

Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness

Inner happiness and outer achievement!

You need to understand the forces and influences that have shaped your character from earliest childhood. You need to know why you react and respond the way you do to the people and situations around you.

Personal Fulfilment

This is the feeling that you are becoming everything that you are capable of becoming.

Defining the seven ingredients of success gives you a series of targets to aim at.

Decide what’s right for you before you decide what’s possible.

Create your ideal life in every detail. Don’t be concerned about the process of getting from where you are to where you want to go. For now, just focus on creating a vision of your perfect future!

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